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Aqua Derma Facial

Facial treatment is a necessity for a healthy, clean and blackhead-free facial skin. While many beauticians will promise you a good facial treatment, but if it is not done properly, you might experience pain and develop acne scar.

Traditionally, beautician will pick and remove blackheads manually using their hands, which give unhygienic treatment process and high chances it will make redness to the skin surface due to the pinching and even lead to bleeding. At JPP, we use a new facial technique that is designed to solve the traditional method by vacuuming away the stubborn blackhead and any other impurities from your facial skin. This technique offers a painless, fast, non-invasive and you will enjoy the treatment experience as a result.

Hydro Facial is ideally done once every 1-2 weeks, depending on your daily activity. We would recommend you to do shorter interval if you are engaged a lot of outdoor activities due to exposure to dust and pollution.

Frequently asked question

All consultation are with accredited medical doctor

Berbicara masalah harga, apabila di lihat dari kecanggihan teknologi yang di gunakan pada perawatan Hydro Facial, pasti banyak yang menyangka perawatan ini akan memakan dana yang cukup besar. Padahal harga perawatan ini cukup terjangkau, mulai dari Rp. 560.000 sampai Rp 1.400.000, tergantung dari jenis perawatan apa yang di ambil. Jenis perawatan Hydro Facial tergolong menjadi 3 yaitu basic, premium dan signature. Yang membedakan antara perawatan basic, premium dan signature adalah durasi perawatan serta bahan-bahan yang di gunakan. Perawatan premium menawarkan perawatan lebih lengkap, dengan kualitas masker dan serum yang terbaik.

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