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1 for 1 Slimming Package


JPP Cool Slim procedure is a non-invasive, effective alternative to traditional method of liposuction or infrared heat wrap. Clinically proven, the slimming result is effective in reducing your body fat in the targeted areas with short period procedure. With boast of superior cryo fat reduction effectiveness and its safety system giving JPP Cool Slim the most advanced Cryo lipolysis than any other devices. The cooling energy effects to adipocites in the subsutaneous fat layer without any damage to surrounding tissues. The cryo fat reduction then works by apoptosis with the "natural body system". The JPP Cool Slim treatment can be repeated after 2 months and with healthy living lifestyle (diet and exercise), the results are permanent.

Cool Slimming

Slimming Treatment

Not only performed by qualified and accredited doctor on slimming procedures, the machine has a built-in sensor for frosbite and high performance chiller giving you the optimum comfort.

Optimized Result
JPP Cool Slim optimizes a proprietary algorithm that custom configured to fit you base on temperature, pressure and time.

Non Invasive
The slimming treatment does not involve surgery or anethesia.

No Downtime
After slimming treatment you can be back to your activities right away without feeling pain.

Procedure Length
60 minutes of JPP Cool Slim treatment.


Treatment Process


Smart gel pad attach to the target treatment area. Fat layer is absorbed inside the applicator.

Deliver Cooling Energy

With precision control, strong cooling energy is transfered to the selected area.


The cooling affects only the fat layer without damage to other tissues.


The body programmed cell death naturally and gradually release of lipids.


We compare JPP Laser and Light treatment process with other common slimming treatments.

Treatment Method SHORT Period NO Surgery NON Invasive Noticeable Result
JPP Cool Slim ~60min
Infrared Heat Wrap ~120min
Liposuction ~180min