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Facial Vein

Facial Vein

Blood Veins can appear on the skin's surface. Most of the times, these may look like short, fine lines, red or sometimes purple. The most common is in the face, thighs, ankles, and feet.

Facial Veins that are red, purple can make blemish the smooth all over tone of facial skin. They are not necessary for the health of the skin. People remove the facial vain for cosmetic reason. To remove them we adopt a special clinical technique that results without causing damage to the surrounding tissue.

JPP treatment uses RF Cautery method which this treatment method able to remove facial vein effectively. We use a high frequency radio waves to remove the unwanted veins without damaging your skin. There is no down time and most people can return to work immediately but be wary of some tiny pepper dot marks, which would disappear within 1 hour.

JPP Facial Vein Removal treatment gives you a visible results with one treatment while repeat treatments can achieve near perfection.